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Silverhill Express News - Editie 1

Community: Adventurers Guild Slydreght

New graduates from Hero’s Inc are all set.

The new graduates from the famous school for heroes, are all set for many more adventures, said a spokes person from the school. “They had some trouble during the exam when a pack of kobolds managed to sneak in and caused a ruckus” said the spokes person. “but they party disposed of the nuisance and freed our staff." With this act of bravery of course came the so much sought after Certificate of Hero’s Inc. This prestige Certificate will allow these new adventurers a certain bragging right for sure. We will be keeping our eyes out for the adventures of these brave new heroes.

Written by Richard Snoop.

Barry Banjo’s mysterious find?

Local legendary bard Barry Banjo has been spotted leading a group of adventurers from the guild to mysterious ruins far from the city. What they hoped to find in such a strange a dangerous region we do not know. The party of adventurers went deep into the abandoned ruins. They remained there for a long time, and when they emerged, they were accompanied by two kobolds, who now work in the guild named, Speer and Punt. We tried to speaking to Barry Banjo to get more information but sadly the Legendary Bard had little time for us as he is currently working on his next Epic. We are looking forward to what promise to be another great hit from the bard.

Written by Myriil Bry

Troubles in Willow’s Grove

Earlier this week a notice came from a travelling druid named Revados. The rather horrid smelling druid had worries about a strange illness going around the forest of Widow’s Grove. A Group of adventurers from the guild were willing to help the old druid. They could be seen travelling through the forest after speaking with the druid. The group spend more then a day in the forest, as we could not follow inside the forest, we did not know what happened inside. When the party returned they told tales of a goblin camp in the forest. The druid left in anger after a heated discussion with the group in the Goat & Lamb. We caught up to the druid who had the following to say: “I am most disappointed in this city and most of all in the guild for allowing such discretions. The Circle of Travelling druids will hear of this. mark my words, you will come to regret this.” after which he refused to say more and stepped into a tree and vanished. What the adventurers have done or said to make the druid so angry is unknown. We hope the guild knows what it’s doing.

Written by Angela Anchor

Strange sights at Hill Harbor

Strange sights have been found in Hill Harbor. The normally quiet and quaint town was disturbed by gruesome scenes of murder. A group from the adventurers guild was sent over to help the locals. The group could be seen moving all over the town as they investigated the mystery. Later on a house could be seen flickering in and out of existence. The group seems to have stopped whatever was going here. In any case Hill Harbor must be grateful to have heroes from the guild at their side.

Written by Myriil Bry

New Found hope for Mountville

A local businessman has begun construction of a new mining company near Mountville. He reported to The S.E.N that he has already struck gold, though we don’t know if he meant literal gold with this. In any case the mines have begun production and the hope is that this can be the revival of Mountville.

Written by Richard Snoop

Silverhill Express News - Editie 1 - Silverhill Express News - Editie 1